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JGSD Enterprise, LLC

My name is Sonia Atchison and I am the Owner of JGSD Enterprise, LLC a virtual Call Center Company and partnered with multiple Fortune 500 companies for over 7 years.

I am not only dedicated to my employees, but very passionate about what I do  as an owner to remain a successful Call Center.


I was born and raised in a small town in Louisiana ( Ponchatoula, LA)  and learned at a very early age what hard work and success looks like from both my parents who were both Serial Entrepreneurials.. My parents Owned Real Estate, Day Care Center, Grocery Store and a Recreational Hall.. I started working at the age of 12 at my parents grocery store, which taught me entrepreneurship and hard work very early. 

Prior to starting my own Call Center I was a professional in Corporate America, which resulted in being laid off in 2011.. I then emersed myself in my Plan "B" which was my Health and Wellness Home based business .


I am happily married to my BFF Jay Atchison since February 2002 with two sons and one beautiful granddaughter.


Wishing you the Very  BEST!!!


Sonia D. Atchison,

Owner of JGSD Enterprise, LLC



Meet the Owner

My  name is Sonia D Atchison a BOSS and Serial Entrepreneur .. Love cruising, traveling the world,dancing, reading personal development books and Owner and CEO of "LoveNMarriage"

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